Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Defensive Driving?

Saturday, Aaron and I went to the video store and saw someone lying on the ground on the far side of the road. As we drove home, the street was filled with cop cars and an ambulance. Today, I found out that two women crossing the street at the cross walk, were hit by a car. A car stopped for them to pass and the car behind must not have known people were crossing, because they speed around the stopped car hitting both women. One passed away and the other is in the hospital.

I myself have been guilt of losing patience on the road and speeding to get home sooner. The thought of these two women have been on my mind and would just like to caution others to slow down and drive carefully, especially since winter is coming. I am sure the driver who hit these two women is wishing he had taken a little more time to drive carefully. Getting home a few seconds late is of much less importance than the safety of others. Please be responsible and drive carefully.


middledavis said...

Thank you for posting the commentary on safe driving. Perhaps by posting this story, others will be more careful behind the wheel. It had an impact on me, so thanks.

Michelle said...

That driver that hit those women will never forget it for the rest of his (or her) life (I don't care how callous of a person it was). That has got to be one of the hardest lessons anyone could ever learn. I can't even imagine the pain of living with something like that forever.