Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thing I love...

1.Visits from family- Aaron's dad surprised us with a quick visit and it was so nice to see him. We can't wait to go and see family for the holidays.
2. Staying in my pajamas all day. I know that makes me sound really lazy but I love love love cuddling up with a blanket next to a fireplace. We don't have a fireplace but one of my favorite memories as a child was when the power was out for a week and we just hung out in our conversation pit in our pajamas and played games a read books. I loved it. Also, I love the feeling that I don't have to do something right this minute or knowing I should be doing 15 other things. Like right now I should be working on my Lab. I haven't been able to stay in my pajamas all day lately but sometimes Maddie does.
3. Playing in the leaves. I took Maddie outside to play in the leaves today. I have fond memories of piling up the leaves at my aunt Linda's house and jumping in the pile with my pseudo cousins, Josh and Kristen. I love Fall and pumpkins and puffy coats that make you look like a marshmallow. I love it when just the tip of your nose is red because it is cold outside, but you can't feel how cold it is because you are having too much fun. I loved being a kid.
4. Freebies. Aaron and I both got some pretty sweet free bikes from the apartment complex. They gave away all the bikes people left when they moved. We also got our first free book from Dolly Pardon's Book thingy. I was talking to someone in my business class about WIC and all the stuff we get from them (not really free, we pay taxes but such a great program). Tomorrow is the lost and found sale, which is another thing I love. We don't really need anything so we might not get anything this time but it sure has been great in the past.
5. Going to bed by 9:30p. I can't believe I used to stay up all night. Maybe it is the fact that Maddie gets up between 6-7am but I tell you what, it is going to be a good night if I get to bed by 9:30. And actually, I also love getting up early, I get so much more done and my scripture study is tons more productive.
6.Good Things. Good things in general but I love Martha Stewart's good things on her website. Just fun cute little craft ideas and they are always good. I should start a good things on my blog.
7. Lists. I love reading list on blogs, I love making lists on my blog. I love writing "to do" lists and shopping lists and book lists and a bucket lists and things I want to do with Maddie lists. Those are the only lists I can think of right now but I love them all. Lists are great.

Okay, I am having a lot of fun and I really should be doing homework before Maddie wakes up from her nap.

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middledavis said...

The picture of Papa eating Maddie's ear is cute. What? Ooohh. He's KISSING her ear. Thanks for clearing that up. It's a cute picture anyhow and I'm totally jealous that he got to see you guys and I didn't.
It was fun reading your blog comentary. As I was reading about the fun you had in front of the fireplace and the fun you had playing with leaves, I was reminded of similar episodes of Aaron's childhood.