Monday, October 27, 2008

Photo Tag

Mandy tagged me
This is what you do:
1. Open up your picture file
2. Go to the fourth folder
3. Open the fourth picture
4. Post the picture on your blog and write about it

Of course our fourth folder, fourth picture is of Maddie. I think 90% of the pictures on our computer are. Anywho, this is Maddie in a non-traditional Kimono. A Kimono is traditionally a Japanese dress but this particular Kimono came from Pike Place market. It was given to her at her birth by my best friend Tara. The tag says newborn. This picture was probably taken a couple of weeks ago at 10 months old. It is still a little big. I think the person who tagged the size has never seen a newborn before.
In a year or two we will get a picture of Maddie in my Hanbok. A Hanbok is a traditional Korean dress. When I was adopted at age two, I brought my Hanbok with me and it is very traditional.

I wont tag anyone in particular but I'd love to see yours.


Frances said...

Boy, does Maddie make that non-traditional kimono look GOOD!! Of course, she has that effect on all her clothes.

Emily said...

I love her Kimono! Everything is cuter when it's miniature. This was a fun tag, I think I'll do this one too.