Monday, October 13, 2008

Tag team back again

Malinda tagged me a while ago but I have already done the 6 unspectacular quirks tag so instead I am doing the 4 things tag on Mandy's blog...

4 things I like about my husband...
1. He can talk to anyone.
2. He is a hard worker and pretty close to a genius.
3. He cooks amazing Indian Food.
4. He loves to learn.

4 movies I can watch more than once...
I have a hard time watching movies once but I tried really hard to think of movies I have seen more than once.
1. Iron Man ( the second time I didn't watch it all the way through, does this still count?)
2. The Little Mermaid (I am pretty sure I saw this a ton as a kid but I haven't seen it in about 10 plus years)
3. Kate and Leopald (When I was on call at JetBlue, this was the only movie in the apartment)
4. To Catch a Theif (Gotta love Cary Grant)

4 TV shows I watch...
I don't watch any shows regularly but here is a list of shows I like.
1. Heroes (I lied, Aaron and I watch this regularly on
2. Extreme Home Makeover
3. Any home decor show
4. Biggest Loser

4 places I've been
1. Queens, New York
2. George, Washington
3. Cedar Key, Florida
4. Bill Gates Property on Mercer Island

4 people who email me regularly
1. Aaron's mom
2. Aaron's dad
3. Jamee, my neice
4. Tammie, my sister

4 Favorite Foods
1. Indian Food
2. Mexican Food
3. Fruit
4. BBQ pizza from Papa John's

4 places I'd like to visit
1. Maple Valley, Washington- my hometown
2. Fort Worth, Texas- my mission
3. Up state New York- Church History sites
4. Birmingham England- Aaron's mission

4 things I'm looking forward to in the next year
1. Maddie
2. Trying the garden thing again
3. Easter (for some reason, I felt the urge to buy stuff for Maddie's Easter Basket the other day, so I did)
4. Graduating


Emily said...

It's true, Aaron is pretty dang smart. I think the smarts got unevenly distributed to us in utero...

middledavis said...

I loved reading your lists...thanks for posting them.