Sunday, December 07, 2008

loves list

Maddie loves...
1. walking around the apartment pushing her little chair.
2. carrying one of Aaron's chap sticks.
3. play with Aaron's cell phone
4. pointing. She points where she wants you to take her. In the morning, after I take her out of the crib she always points to the door and then to the kitchen. In this picture, I am wearing the shirt I made in my Clothing Construction class.
5. brushing her teeth
6. playing with the measuring cups
7. eating. Although she doesn't like trying new foods. She has started to say "cheese." She loves cheese. We have also discovered she loves Wheaties in milk, french toast, and strawberries.
8. pulling all of her books off of her book case.
9. "this liitle piggy went to the market."
10. cooking with mom.

Maddie Hates...

1. going to the doctors, especially when it is time to get shots. I took her to her 12 month appointment and she got a handful of shots. She cries when I try to set her down in the doctors office. But she is happy and healthy and cuter than ever.


middledavis said...

She's such a cutie. I'm right up there with her on doctor visits...I don't like them either.

I love the shirt you made! It's awesome!

I noticed the shiny things on Maddie's legs and enlarged the picture to discover that they were bandages...from the shots, I'm guessing. Poor Maddie.

Emily said...

Before I read your post, I saw the picture and thought, "Gosh what a cute shirt Jen's wearing." No joke! Super cute, you did a great job (of course) :)