Monday, December 08, 2008


Last night we had some friends over to play games. Maddie really enjoyed hanging out with them, but she was getting tired and it was time for bed. She signed milk so we gave her some milk and then I got her ready for bed. When we went to her room, I turned off the lights and turned on her lullaby music. She knew it was bed time and signed food. I told her she had already eaten and it was time for bed. Then she signed brush teeth. I told her she had already brushed her teeth and it was time for bed. Then, she signed milk again. Smart little girl; she is already working at mastering the art of bedtime stalling.


~Wyatt~Brittney~Brecken~ said...

How cute. . . and yet when its you it can sometimes be frustrating. . .i try to tell myself all the time, "see the cuteness in this" so i don't get annoyed with the stalling, and fighting sleep!

middledavis said...

I love that girl!

Give her a hug for me...

I guess she decided to join the same stalling club that Kate and Brecken belong to, although I think they may have gotten a little past that by now. Suz? Em? are they still stalling at bedtime?