Monday, March 09, 2009

naan wars

A few weekends ago we had some friends over for Indian food. The previous Tuesday I was at Albertsons and saw that they had naan bread. Naan bread is a tradition Indian bread served with curry. It is delicous. Anywho, Albertsons had one garlic naan and one whole wheat naan. I decided not to purchase with the idea that I would come back on Saturday and see if they had a new shipment. I wanted to purchase at least three for our company. I came back on Saturday and someone had purchased the garlic naan.

Obviously this someone had no idea that we were having company over and we needed that naan. Obviously this someone had no idea that garlic naan is my favorite. I didn't even know other people bought naan.

The following week I went to Albertsons on Monday and saw that there were two garlic and two whole wheat. Turns out shipment comes in on Monday. I yoinked the garlics. I happened to be at Albertsons later that week and noticed that one whole wheat naan ended up on the discount rack, I yoinked that one too.

Hypothesis: Someone else in Rexburg is eating naan. This someone buys one naan per week and prefers garlic. But, if I snatch the garlic, this someone will take the whole wheat and at the end of the week one whole wheat will be one the discount rack.

I tested this hypothesis this week as well and evidence strongly support my hypothesis after two weeks. I thought about taking all of the naans and laughing because this someone wont have naan this week. But than I thought the nicer thing to do would be to buy one garlic and one whole wheat and let this someone buy the other garlic. Either way I have put way too much thought into naan bread.


vandi said...

You're hilarious! And very observant: ) You two naan bread eaters should get together sometime: )

Zac & Chelsea said...

I agree with Vandi, maybe you should leave a note on the other piece of naan bread that you don't take and see what happens. :) Just kidding, but I think the whole situation is hilarious!

Brown Family said...

So funny! No matter, I love that you think about Naan because I occasionally get to benefit from those thoughts!

Joanne said...

Glad to see you're back to the world of Blog!

You are hiliarious! That's nice of you to "share" the naan. :) If I were you I might tell Albertson's they have a higher demand for the garlic nann bread than they think they do and if they bought just one more every week for their stock it would be the better for their ledger sheet at the end of the day too. ;)

middledavis said...

I really enjoyed your naan post, Jen. It was very funny.