Saturday, March 14, 2009

Posture and Dreaming

There is a girl in my ward who has really great posture. I think I notice her because she is tall and sits up straight so she makes me feel really short since I typically slouch. Anywho, this morning I saw her driving on main street and again noticed her incredible posture. So, I decided to try really hard to sit up straight today. By noon my back was hurting pretty bad. Sad huh? I am still going to work on it though. Short people really need to have good posture and I don't want to end up with a hunch on my back when I'm eighty.

Aaron has been really busy studying and taking tests. This week he took a Biology test and Organic Chemistry test. Before his Biology test he spent the entire day studying Biology. After his Biology test he came home really tired and went right to sleep. He had a dream that he forgot to take the test and woke up in the middle of the night really stressed out that he missed it. Finally, he remembered a question on the essay about seeds and he went back to sleep saying "seeds" to himself. He had a similar dream after his Organic Chemistry test. He got A's on both of them.


middledavis said...

Bless his heart. Such a hard worker. Even though he was stressed, I thought the story about his saying "seeds" before going back to sleep was funny.

Scottie & Kelli Beard said...

Jen!!! It's you're long lost roomie Kelli. Ya know, from Royal Crest? I saw a comment you left on Chelsey's wall (how do you know her by the way?) But I'd love to keep in touch with you since it's been ages! Oh and your little girl is beautiful!!! Email me sometime! I'd love to hear from ya and I hope all is well!

Joanne said...

Oh posture....I think about that too. I heard those exercise balls are good to use instead of chairs because they force you to sit up straight.

Congrats to Aaron for the "As" on his tests!

Christopher said...

Ha! I do the "waking up scared cause I think i missed my test" thing all the time!

Michelle said...

I used to do that - I still have a dream every once in a great while that I have to go to school but I don't know where any of my classes are and I end up missing them. scary