Thursday, April 09, 2009

Yippee Ki Yay

I must have senior-itis because I am excited this semester is over like I am graduating and I'm not. But nonetheless, I am excited and these are my reasons...

1. I have a husband!!!! Only for a week, but this week is going to be the best week of the semester. He is such a hard worker. He just finished an Organic Chemistry test that was nationally standardized. The national average is 50%. He said it was the hardest test he has ever taken and he got an 80%. AWESOME. My husband is amazing!

2. I am finished with my Fitting and Alteration class! I know this sounds silly but this class was more difficult than some of my accounting classes. I know, hard to believe. I can't even count the times I left that class crying. But the important thing is I learned a lot. The skills I have learned in this class will be used many times over. This is my fitting and alterations partner, Heather.
This is my class in our final projects.

3. Easter is almost here! I have been looking forward to Easter now since November. I've never been so excited for Easter but Maddie has a super cute Easter basket, We are dying eggs tomorrow, and Saturday we will have an Easter egg hunt here at the complex. Shhhh.. don't tell Maddie I showed you early.

4. Seattle! Mom and Dad are flying us to Seattle for the weekend. I can't wait for my parents to see Maddie because she is getting so big and cuter everyday. Hard to believe but true.

She is calling everyone "Daddy." The other day Aaron was holding Maddie and she was say, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy," and holding her arms out to me. Aaron reminded her I am Mommy and she quickly corrected herself.

She is also signing a lot. When you guess what she wants she gives a fun little giggle. Most of the time she signs more and than please and I tell her thank you for being polite but I don't know what you want.

5. Besides all that I just have this feeling that things in my life are about to take a big turn. I don't know what's coming but I feel like change is around the corner and I welcome it. In fact I am super excited. I have a good life.


middledavis said...

Congratulations Aaron!! Well done on the O-Chem test! Now you can rest up a bit before next semester.
Way to go Jen; you toughed it out in your difficult class, too. The project looked really good.
Maddie DOES have a cute Easter basket.
I love your positive attitude about upcoming, but unknown events in your life.

Joanne said...

Much to be grateful and happy for indeed! Looks like we'll be in Seattle at "our parents" house for the same weekend (only I'm arriving night of 18th). Too bad you'll only be there the weekend!

Michelle said...

I can't even tell you how impressed I am about your alteration class - seriously, that's a lot of skills. I took home ec in high school plus I learned to sew at home from Mom and I did enjoy it, but it was also hard and takes so much patience (that I just don't have...) but to alter clothes is even that much more difficult, so I really respect that. I always did like the clothes she made (and the ones I made too) - and your dress is really cute, Jen!