Saturday, December 19, 2009

Where to start?

I know I am scum in the blogging world but I just finished my last semester of school so that has got to count for something. We had a guest speaker in my sewing class who came and talk to us about quilting. She told us that quilting is all an illusion, no quilt is perfect. Her philosphy,"It's not perfect but it is finished." My teacher didn't like that so much but honestly that is how I feel right now. My college education wasn't perfect (I probably could have finished sooner) but at least it is finished. So it is with the blog. I might have missed a couple holidays or meaningless nothings to blog about but here comes a post, not perfect but at least it will be finished.

My parents came up for graduation, Aaron's dad came up for commencement. Here are so pictures from the trip. Of course my parents brought Maddie (and us) a few gifts for Christmas and such. Maddie definitely understands the concept of presents. After opening one, she was ready for the next. We wanted to space her gifts out over the visit so we told her that she could open the next one on a new day. The next morning, when mom and dad came over, she went to the tree, pointed to her present and signed new day. Smart little girl! She loves her gifts.

Mom and Dad also got me an iTouch for graduation! Aaron was pretty excited too!
Maddie is sitting in her food crate.
She had a blast hanging out with Nanna and Papa!

family picture at convocation
picture with the parentals at commencement

I tried uploading some bodacious videos my dad took on his camera but my attempt failed. Maybe I will try another time.


Christy And Jason said...

Way to go Jen! congrats on graduating!

middledavis said...

Sorry I couldn't make it to the commencement, but I was glad to be able to get some extra rest. I'm trying to shake this cold before you guys get here.
The photos were awesome. Your mom and dad look healthy and happy. I love the picture of Maddie and your dad.
Congrats on graduating!!

Brown Family said...

doesn't it feel wonderful to be done? good was a tough road, but you did it! Now you can tackle anything!