Thursday, January 14, 2010


Maddie Loves...
1. waving to herself on the security camera at Albertsons
2. putting her babies and stuffed animals to bed
3. watching the picture slide show screen saver on the computer
4. coloring with her bath time color crayons in the bath (her favorite pictures to draw are of her daddy, doggies and suns)
5. reading books (her favorites right now are The Hello Goodbye Window by Norton Jester, One Frog Too Many by Mercer Mayer, Momma Will You by Dori Chaconas, and Roar of a Snore by Marsha Diane Arnold)
6. holding snow balls
7. going to church (she asks to go to church everyday)
8. Building trains and houses out of blocks
9. Riding on backs
10. wrapping random things from the house up in her blankets and giving them as presents
11. when daddy comes home
12. getting her nails painted
13. touching the ceiling

Maddie's favorite phrases...
1. "no, me do it"
2. "me ready"
3. "daddy, where are you?"
4. "Whassat?"
5. "me good"
6. "me happy"
7. "you all done?"
8. " 'mon" and " 'mere" (translation: come on and come here)
9. "little broken" (referring to her favorite crayons)
10. "my poopy"
11. "help-ee me"

p.s. we don't have the internet anymore so I probably wont be updating too often.


middledavis said...

I love Maddie's lists...
Not having the internet is inconvenient, isn't it? I will miss your blog updates; they're on my list of favorite things.

Brenda Sheffield said...

How fun I love hearing how much she is talking!