Friday, April 30, 2010

Random pictures from the last four months...

You probably don't know how I feel because you are probably a perfect blogger that never goes months at a time without blogging... especially when important things happen in your life like graduating, Christmas, holidays, the birth of your second child, and visits from loved ones. You have probably never look at your unblogged pictures and felt overwhelmed because there are so many. So this is just a collage of pictures on our memory card that I would like to save but have not blogged about.
This is Maddie on graduation night wearing the scarf and hat Nanna Frances and Papa Bill gave her. She loves them and always gets complements when she wears them.
Not that you can see it well but I made the jumper she is wearing. It is a brown corduroy jumper with a bird applica. I think this might be one I will sell some day.

...Be right back... More to come... Tara is crying...

1 comment:

middledavis said...

I'm chuckling because the blogging got interrupted so soon after you started. I think Tara might have something to do with your lack of time...hmmmm?

I love the picture of Maddie in her scarf and hat, and the jumper is a winner. I think you should definitely sell it. Maybe you'll have more time for sewing than blogging!