Monday, May 10, 2010

Adventures in potty training

Maddie has been in underwear for a week!!! Hooray!

Day One: The bathroom has quite a large pile of pee clothes
Day two: we ran out of underwear and pants. I will have to do some laundry.
Day three: I don't know how to clean up poo in underwear
Day four: Went to Walmart, Maddie had an accident and didn't like sitting in wet clothes at the store
Day five: only two accidents.
Day six: No accidents. Hooray! We even went to the store and she told me she needed to sit on the potty.
Day seven: I was busy with the Farmers Market; consequently we had a few accidents.
Day eight: only one accident. Ran errands and no accidents in public.
Day nine: Went to church and nursery and no accidents. No accidents all day
Day ten: one accident in the morning, no more all day
Day eleven: no accidents! number 2 on the potty!!


Emily said...

Way to go, Maddie!

middledavis said...

Well, Jen, congratulations! And, seriously, if you want to know how to clean up poo in underpants give me a call. I'm a pro. I used to deal with cloth diapers, too. Ick.Fortunately, it sounds like Maddie is a quick learner.

Brenda Sheffield said...

Congrats that is awesome! I am on two weeks with Andrew and we are still having lots of Accidents so I hope Maddie learns really quick.