Wednesday, June 30, 2010

recent conversations with Maddie

Maddie: I want cold beans
(I am thinking; did she just say she wanted cold beans, nah that couldn't be right)
Maddie: Daddy gives me cold beans. Can I have cold beans please?
Me: What do you mean cold beans? green beans?
Maddie: no, in the refrigerator
Me: Show me
( we walk to the refrigerator and I open the door)
Maddie: no, that refrigerator ( she points to the freezer)
( I lift her up and she points to a bag of frozen broccoli)
Me: You want me to make these for lunch?
Maddie: No, like this ( she takes them out of the freezer and puts it on her finger) I have a boo-boo.

Tuesday we went to Rigby Lake. The night before, I told her she needed to get lost of rest because we were going to the lake tomorrow and she would need her energy. In the morning this was our conversation.

Maddie: I go to park today?
Me: No, we are going to the lake
Maddie: Yea, the park lake.... I go on the carousel? ( there is a carousel at Porter Park)
Me: No, there isn't a carousel at the lake.
Maddie: I get free lunch? ( Porter Park also has free lunches for children)
Me: Well, lunch will be free for you but we are packing a lunch today.
Maddie: I get Chocolate milk? (free lunches have chocolate milk)
Me: Nope we don't have chocolate milk
Maddie: Water park? ( porter park also has a big toy with water spurting out of the ground)
Me: No, even better... a lake!
Maddie: Big slide?
Me: Maybe, I haven't been there before.
(long pause.... look of confusion.... looks up at me like why are we going)
Maddie: I still go with you okay?

Turns out there was a large slide on a floating dock and she went down by herself. Our neighbor Nathan, was there to catch her at the bottom, of course. She loved it. Tara did great too! She slept most of the time. I will post pictures when we get our new computer. I think she wont be so hesitant to go next time.

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middledavis said...

Awwww, Jen, Maddie is so sweet. I love her prayers.