Wednesday, June 30, 2010

silhouette giveaway

When I was younger (I would still do this if it would work) I would look through catalogs and put stars next to all the things I wanted for Christmas, birthday, everyday. If I wanted it really bad I would write next to the item I want this really bad. Sometimes I would put 2 or 20 really's in there just so my parents would know exactly what my top choices were. I really can't remember if this worked, but I found something I want that is at least worth 20 reallys so I thought I would blog about it.

I don't know if you check out some of those cool craft blogs but I am totally addicted. One of my Favorites is Just a Girl. .. and Chris from Just a Girl is giving away a Silhouette for FREEEEE!! Seriously? that is my favorite price. I want to win this bad. So, I see lots of fun giveaways on these craft blogs but I am never willing to put in the energy to enter them. I am totally willing to for this. If you haven't heard of a Silhouette, go to her site and check out the giveaway and the Silhouette site. Amazing!! Hurry and enter the giveaway and if you win it give it to me! or at least let me use it. You wont regret it, I promise!!

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middledavis said...

I'm definitely going to check out that blog. I don't even know what a Silhouette is...Well, I mean, I know what one is, but not with a capital S...
I also like to follow a couple of craft blogs. MADE is pretty good sometimes.