Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tara is three months old!

Crazy! I can't believe how fast the past three months have been. I have pictures of her on my camera but my computer is not my friend right now and pictures will have to wait.

But I want to post a little something about what she is up to, mostly for me....

At Tara's last appointment she was 12lbs 7 oz.....50% for height... 70% for head circumference.... 90% for weight. She can roll from her back to her side and turn herself in at a 90 degree angle. She typically goes to bed around 9-10pm.... wakes up once a night for a feeding around 4am... and wakes up for the day at 8:30am. She does not like to have a messy diaper and will let me know to change her if I don't hear it coming. She does not like the binky. Maddie tries to give it to her sometimes and she gags if it is in her mouth. She does like to suck on fingers. She attempts to stick her whole fist in her mouth. She falls asleep when I hold her in the Baby Bjorn. She likes to be held, and she likes the holder to stand. She doesn't like to be left alone but sometimes when she cries, she gives up and stops. She loves to smile and has the cutest smile ever. She likes to play motor boat. She is ticklish on the sides of her belly. If you giggle at her, she will giggle back. She has loads of hair and no bald spots yet. She has been wearing 3-6 month clothing for about a month now. She doesn't like to bath in the sink but does like to bath with Maddie in the tub. She likes getting her hair washed. She likes to sleep in bed with mommy, but I try not to let her do it too often. She doesn't like tummy time but her little neck is pretty strong.

Okay, you are probably bored now. I'll get some pictures soon.

I just love my Tara girl. She is such a blessing to have in our home.

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middledavis said...

Bored?? Not a chance! We want more!!
Love you,
Grandma and Grandpa English