Sunday, July 25, 2010

conversations with Maddie

Warning: this post contains potty language.

Maddie: Mommy! wanna see? Come yook!
Me: what is it? are you in your room?
Maddie: no da bafroom... it's mah poop!
Me: Umm... I don't want to see your poop, but thanks. Do you need any help?
Maddie: mommy, my poop is brown, come yook
Me: (walking into the bathroom to find her head almost in the toilet) yuck Maddie, get your head out of the toilet please. That is gross.
Maddie: I yooking at my poop... mommy, is your poop brown?
Me: Yes, my poop is brown too.
Maddie: Tara's poop yellow.
Me: yep you're right.
Maddie: is Jesus' poop brown or yellow?

Maddie: (pretending her hand is a plane) Yook, me flying
Me: Did you know daddy will fly on a plane when he goes to his interveiw in Ohio?
Maddie: Yea and me too!
Me: Well, we wont fly with him, but maybe we will fly on a plane when we move.
Maddie: Moving far far away, like kew? (our neighbor Krew just moved)
Me: yeah, like Krew. Daddy is looking for a new school to go to just like Krew's daddy
Maddie: (a pause and a very concerned look) mommy, can we take Tara with us when we move far far away?

Maddie: Can Dulie come to church with me? (Julie is our neighbor. Her family goes to the family ward; we go to the student ward.)
Me: Julie goes to church with her family
Maddie: Why not I see her?
Me: She goes to another church
Maddie: different church?
Me: No same church but different building.
Maddie: Why not she come to nursery?
Me: She goes to the nursery at her church building.
Maddie: Oh... they color?

While looking at a picture of President Monson...
Maddie: yook, BISHOP!!!
Me: No, that is president Monson. He is a prophet. Can you say prophet?
Maddie: ( a look of deep thought) What kind of candy does prophet have?


Brandon and Diedre Sloan said...

That is CUTE!!! I love those funny conversations. The one about Krew about made me cry. Krew keeps asking for Maddie, every time we go to church he says yay nursery Maddie. I hate having to explain to him every Sunday that he isn't going to see his friends at church. We sure do miss all you guys!

middledavis said...

Jen, thanks so much for sharing Maddie's sweet conversations. I sure do love that girl. And I'm SUPER glad she doesn't want to leave Tara behind when you move! :)

Emily said...

What a cute girl! I love the things they say at this age.