Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Wow, can't believe its been a month since I updated.. I just go through phases where I don't feel like blogging. Anywho, I really want to keep an updated journal of our days because I know this is a time in my life I am going to look back on and miss. I honestly love everything about my life right now, even the struggles and hard stuff. It doesn't matter that we are poor or that I have a pile of dishes and laundry that are never-ending or all the other stuff that happens in life, as long as I get to spend my days with these two girls and their smiles, I am one happy momma!!
I actually did Tara's hair today (maybe she even got out of her jammies too). I don't remember how long it lasted but it was cute while it did. Love this face!!
Maddie drew a lion on the magna doodle. I am so impressed with her mad skills, so artistic!! (hmmm.. didn't do her hair though; you win some you lose some)
Quote on the chalkboard
Didn't feel like going outside to play in the snow today so we brought the snow inside. The girls loved it.
we just let it melt in the bathtub

we read a LOT of books. I think one of Tara's favorite phrases is "a read this"
More of Maddie's mad artistic skills. This is our house.
This is our family dancing (p.s. that thing hanging from daddy's neck is a tie) We are much better dancers in this picture than we are in real life!
yummo, we baked some cookies. A practice run for valentines cookies that we will make this week!!
After we came home from the store Maddie and Tara climbed up on these boxes! So cute!
play in the kitchen.... after looking at these pictures I think we need to get dressed more! ha ha. I promise we do get dressed more than these pictures show!
playing in the art room... we try to do something creative everyday!
Maddie loves to help me wash the dishes!
blowing bubbles
The girls loved this activity!
corn starch and water fun. Maddie had this face the entire time she was playing in it. 
Tara wouldn't really touch it. She doesn't really like messy things right now 
(even though she is an expert at making messes)
We go to a class at the Y called messy play and Tara never participates.
We may or may not have put googly eyes on all the people in one of Aaron's dental magazines. Ha ha, I thought this was so funny!!

making necklaces... again, in our jammies

Tara's lego train
 Tara likes to be a diaper girl

ha ha, Tara, your funny!
mess-free painting

                                            more bubbles, this time with strawberry milk
and I got one little project finished! yeah me! 
(actually one and a half. I am also working on a pillow. I'm a little slow)
Anywho, I am giving letters to the girls for valentines day in these pretty felt envelopes. I know they would love to get a letter from you (they miss you!) So, if you want them to get a letter from you too, just send one over, you don't even have to mail it, send me an email and I'll print it out. (more pictures of the envelopes on the craft blog)

My goal for February is to take a picture every day and blog about them every Sunday!

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Creekwood Montessori School said...

I love this post, Jen. And the Valentine envelopes are great! I will start on my Valentines for the girls this weekend and put them in the mail.