Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Why I'm worried about Tara's teenage years...

Have I ever told you that Tara loves boys? She does, seriously. I think it is funny.

Tara loves all of Aaron's friends.

She prays for Dane and Craig almost every night. I'm pretty sure she is praying for Dane, sometimes I get Dane and train confused.

She asks me daily, "wat Doug doin?" "wat Josh doin?" "Doug with Brodi?" "Dane coming?"

We had a Christmas card of a family in our ward on our refrigerator. Tara got it down and was staring at it. She asked me "who dis?" and pointed to a person in the picture. After we named everyone she just stared at the father and repeated his name in a whisper.

Whenever we take Aaron to school Tara always asks "pick up Josh?" "pick up Keg?"

I was getting ready to pick up Aaron from school, trying to herd the girls in the car.  Tara was not interested in getting in the car. Finally I said, "Daddy and Craig are waiting for us." Tara perks up and says "Keg? okay I go" and gets in.

(this story is not in the same category but I think it is funny) We have a book called the Empty Pot. One of the pages has a picture of the children getting dressed to see the Emperor. One boy is sitting down with his back facing us, naked. His clothes are next to him. Nothing is shown but, Tara really loves this naked boy. She always opens the book to that page and gets a little mad if I try and flip the page. She just looks at the page and says "nakey boy, nakey boy. " I'm in trouble huh?

Whenever we are at the Nikolas's house and Craig is there, she wants to sit in Craig's lap.

Right now she is making a train out of legos and she just said to me "I pick up Keg we go for ride!"


Creekwood Montessori School said...

Uh oh.

Seriously, the stories made me laugh. Thanks for putting them on your blog, Jen.

middledavis said...

Tara and Kate are two of a kind where boys are concerned, aren't they. :)