Monday, February 06, 2012

picture a day: week one

 Maddie drew this picture. She told me it was for Aunt Shelly. 
It is a picture of Daddy, Aunt Shelly and Maddie. She told me that Tara and I are at Grandma's.
She also built this train.

 This is a picture Maddie drew of the Temple. She's good huh?
 Tara was suppose to be napping but I heard her giggling like crazy so I snuck a couple pictures of her.
 This girl makes me smile!!

 The girls are helping me stuff a pillow. They were born crafters!!

 Daddy loves to tickle these girls!!

I'm a slacker!

Lazy  busy!!


umm..I finished my pillow! (forgot to post though, boo)

p.s. Tara has two new phrases, "I do it" and " Maddie hurt me"

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middledavis said...

Amazing pillow. I love it!