Sunday, February 12, 2012

picture a day: week two

Nothing like building forts while we wait for breakfast!
I made this speech bubble with my new saw!!
 used it for Valentines this year... Tara's leg says "Happy Valentines Day!"
 getting ready for a Valentine's party with playgroup..
my first attempt at the heart
 I love when Aaron tells the girls stories!

 the chalkboard... and the lowercase "e" I cut on my saw. What color should I paint the "e"?
 Tara in her new underwear and messy hair. We are potty training next week!
 eating pop rocks from the valentines party! Friday was a stay at home day... however, I did no laundry, I did not clean up like I should have, no organizing, didn't get dressed, and I didn't even have dinner ready for Aaron when he got home... but we did...
 do a few crafts, and some new lessons...
 paint our nails, and dance partied it up (sorry no pic).
I feel pretty blessed to get to hang out with my two besties all day!!
 I still think there is something magical about waking up to snow!
 Only when you don't have any plans though.
 I'm pretty sure Tara ate more snow than lunch.
 I don't know whats up with the camera stamping the date on the pictures.
 Maddie's growl smile. Yep she still has it!!
 reading books while they wait for some hot cocoa.
After church we cooked and decorated some sugar cookies. We made the dough on Saturday.
 The girls mostly ate the sprinkles. We also decorated the floor with the same sprinkles.
So pretty! I love this white one.

That was our week.

p.s. Tara has been saying her prayers by herself at night. Tonight she was thankful for nursery and cookies. I am also now in Primary with Maddie and I am so impressed at how well she does in school like settings. She is learning to sing "choose the right" and we seem to talk about making good choices a lot lately. She is very concerned about making the right choice. Love these girls!!


Doug and Kate said...

Jen! You do such fun things with your girls. You've inspired me! I just love those two sweeties. We're lucky to have you guys as our neighbors! You should paint that E mustard yellow to match your bench. . . Come get that paint from me!

middledavis said...

Tara and Maddie are so blessed to have you for their Mom, Jen.