Sunday, February 19, 2012

picture a day: week 3

We brought up the little potty from the basement and Tara loves it! All day today she sat on it, literally. She would not let me put a diaper on her... and she loves these ponies a good friend gave us and cannot separate from them. The pink ones name is Pinky and the purple one is Purpley.
Happy Valentines Day!!
 I was sleeping on the couch because they got up so early. Aaron was already up because he woke up early to study... so he took these pictures. I guess they just couldn't wait to open all their letters!! Anywho, you can tell I did not take these pictures because I would have at least put a comb through their hair.. that is some pretty bad bed head!! 
Anyway, they loved all the letters; thanks everyone for sending them some love! p.s. this is the only day I have pictures of them in jammies and this was 6:30am so I think that is okay! 
 Lately, when I take pictures, Tara tries to grab the lens. Makes it hard to take pictures.
 Tara found my chalkboard speech bubble and wrote you a little message, 
and here is some nose action for ya!

 having fun with the stickers Aunt Shelly sent!
 Aaron was pretty impressed with Maddie because she recognized the word "quack". She originally had it by the pig but moved it over to the duck. However, it looks like she doesn't recognize "oink,"
or "baaa" or "quack" upside down.... and the cow is drinking milk!
After a bath
 Maddie and Tara playing with the blocks. Maddie's tower just fell, I missed it. I edited this picture because it was pretty dark, kind of looks funny next to the others but I have no desire to change that.
 We were home most of the day so I let Tara wear underwear. I purchased some for her last week to discover the 2T are way too big on her... so I whipped up a few pairs of these. I had all the material and I think they are way cuter than the store bought and they fit. I might have a hard time though when she poos in them.
Tara is taking her clothes off again.
 We watched the kids for babysitting swap. I just thought this was so cute. Krew told me they were on a date. He asked me to get two cups of water and then asked Tara to go on a date with him!! Krew is already winning over the girls. I think Tara is pretty impressed with the cup trick!
I don't know who started leaning in for it first but Krew, I say go for it!
 the girls love bubble baths

 playing with Daddy is the best!!
Another great week! I feel so blessed to have such an amazing family!


Doug and Kate said...

Maddie and Tara look so cute in their towels! I love it! Oh my goodness Krew, I really hope there was no burping or farting from him on their "date" because thats what he usually thinks is impressive :) haha I just love your girls! Your fam. is so great!

middledavis said...

Love those cool panties you made! No wonder Tara likes to wear them.

The picture of the girls playing with their Daddy is awesome.

One request, Jen. Get yourself in more of the pics.