Sunday, February 26, 2012

picture a day: week 4

 Tara washing the windows! I love that the girls love to help me right now... I gotta enjoy it while it lasts!

 Another early morning; that lump they are sitting on is me. I slept with Tara all night because she threw up 4 times (thats why she has the bowl). We didn't get much sleep, yet she is still up early! I think she drank some bad milk because once she got it out of her system she seemed fine. She is so cute though, she carried the bowl around for a few days though saying, "mine bowl"

Maddie has been asking to do these baking soda and vinegar volcanos a lot lately.
I think we did these three times this week.
Here is a close up.

Tissue paper rainbows... Maddie pretty much expects that we do some kind of experiment or craft each day, so we do!
I love that Tara is in a leotard and Maddie is in a princess dress! I actually put this leotard on Tara because she wouldn't leave her diaper on. She just says, "I want to be a nakey girl." She cried for a while trying to get this leotard off her until I distracted her with a craft.

Painted hearts.... I know its past Valentines day but we are girls and we like hearts every day of the year!
Tara wanted to show me her "little tiny cluster." They were eating Honey Bunches of Oats and she has a love of all things tiny.
The whale chalkboard I made this week.
Tara loves to write on my chalkboards!
Aaron had a long day and feel asleep on Tara's bed. Maddie thought it was so cute she wanted to crawl into bed with him!

We went to Wegman's reading time . They read a book, had a healthy snack and Maddie made a map of her room and a treasure map.
She loved this. I was really impressed how much she participated and answered questions. She was not at all intimidated by the other children. Maddie and her friend Tyson were the youngest children there.
Aaron showed us this cool milk experiment. More on this on my other blog.

Maddie playing with my mustache magnet.
Salt art
p.s. I painted the door and that high chair! Did you notice? Look at the third picture for a before shot of the door. That high chair traveled with us from Rexburg because I told Aaron someday I would refinish it, and it may have taken two years but it is done!! and Tara loves it; she says, "mine chair" and has a really hard time sharing it with Maddie!

That was our week. We sure do love our lives. Just so you know this is my last week of doing a picture a day. I will probably try and keep up the posting every Sunday but I don't think too many people read this on a regular basis anyway.


Lynae said...

I've never left a comment, because I didn't think you knew I read your blog. You linked it to fb one day, and I checked it out. I often feel like no one reads mine, so I love comments. I thought I'd let you know someone reads it, and I love your pictures. :) I'm amazed by your fun activities every day. I'm sure my girls wish I was that creative. :)

middledavis said...

I love your pictures and your blog, Jen. Absolutely LOVE them!! I'm grateful for this record of my grandchildren's lives.