Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 You know me and my millions of pictures of everyday nothings... well here is another episode..
 stickers from grandma Frances...
 if you love me you will send the girls stickers 
 because this keeps them occupied for at least a half hour sometimes more.

 both the girls loved the iguanas
 tongue out for optimum concentration
 Beautiful girl
 I think Maddie spends at least a third of her day coloring. This coloring book has lots of those activity pages and she is tracing a line to see which thing goes with another. She loves these!
 Dinner is so much easier now that the girls are actually helpful (and yes that is my to do list on the chalkboard and probably the reason we just goof off all day!)
These pictures were taken a few weeks ago but tonight the girls helped clean up dinner. Maddie wiped off the dishes and Tara and Aaron loaded the dishwasher. It was heaven!
 Tara is eating an apple in this picture. The girls eat a couple apples a day. They love them.
 Tara has become quite the Daddy's girl. She only lets him take her out of the car when he is around and 
anytime she hears some kind of house noise she runs to the door and yells, "DADDY'S HOME!!!"
 I found a short collection of blurry pictures of random things and these three pictures of Maddie were in the middle of them.
 I guess she has seen me take millions of pictures a few too many times
 In maybe 11 years we might see something similar to these as her Facebook profile picture

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Doug and Kate said...

hahaha! I like her facebook profile pic! I think your girls really need to teach Krew how to help me with dinner! Maddie is such an artist! What a smarty pants!