Friday, March 23, 2012

Play Museum

I apologize for the profuse amount of blurry pictures in bad lighting but this place was so fun!! The girls had a hard time stopping for a picture because there was just so much to do.
Here we are on Sesame Street...
"Hey Big Bird!" (I don't think my girls know Big Bird)
The little Wegmens was a hit though. The girls loved going grocery shopping in a mini grocery store!

they even got a receipt.

this is supposed to be Big Bird's nest.

The Yellow Brick road.
Maddie has a sad face because we are getting ready to leave the Wizard of Oz section.

Here is Aaron's favorite part

Look! Maddie can climb buildings!
Tara can sit on them!
Maddie's favorite part was Berenstain Bear world! She is still talking about it!
Aaron bonded with Papa bear; I think they must have something in common.

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middledavis said...

OH. MY. GOODNESS. I seriously want to go there when we come out. What an amazing place to play!!