Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

 I know it is't St. Patrick's day anymore but this is my St. Patrick's day post. These are pictures taken over the week of the holiday. We didn't do all of this in one day.
 We go to the Mall the first tuesday of every month for crafts and other fun stuff. This Tuesday was about music and they had a musician come in and teach the kids how to make instruments from stuff you have at home. He also sang some songs. Maddie really enjoyed this.

 Maddie's friend Tyson is usually there too!
 Maddie loves the face painting so I bought some face paints and tried it on my own.

 On St. Patrick's Day Freckles, the leprechaun comes to visit us. This year he turned all our furniture and pictures upside down. He also turned our milk green again.
 Maddie played with her legos that day and she thought it would be funny if a leprechaun turned the furniture upside down in her lego house. We also went to reading time at Wegmen's and some other girl there said a leprechaun visited her too. Maddie was pretty excited to tell her that she got a visit too!!
 Here are a few St. Patrick's crafts we did throughout the week.
We also read stories about St. Patrick. I love learning about the history of each holiday!
St. Patrick used a clover to teach about the trinity! Maddie is modeling her clover hat we made!

For dinner, instead of the traditional corned beef and cabbage, we decided to make an Irish Cottage Pie. Although we used beef instead of lamb and sharp cheddar instead of Irish cheddar, so I don't know how Irish it was.

Also on St. Patrick's day... Tara woke up from her nap saying "shirt" instead of "hnnt" and "shoes" instead of "hnns"!! Crazy! It kind of makes me sad but happy too! She is just growing up so fast!

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middledavis said...

What a fun St. Patrick's week you had!