Wednesday, March 28, 2012

english dailies

Here's the line up. Obviously, this is a "tiny zoo."
 I made these pillows a while ago but never took a picture because our bedroom is not really decorated. But they were just being so cute, I couldn't resist. Aaron is in my spot though and  Maddie is in Daddy's spot. I like to think he is thinking about me anyway!
 Maddie loves baby Claire
 getting our craft on...
 We have been doing easter crafts with bunnies and eggs this week and next week we will do more Christ centered crafts. I want them to know why we celebrate Easter but I still love the bunnies and eggs too!!
 Tara didn't really like wearing the mask but Maddie did. I think Tara's favorite craft was the jelly bean bracelet. No pictures but Maddie wore hers all day and Tara ate hers in less than five minutes.
 umm.. sorry Tara has no pants on.
Do you see what is wrong with this picture?
 Tara always want to get out of the bath before Maddie.
 This time she changed her mind and got back in. 
I think she must be going through a growth spurt because she seems to be extra tired lately. She is ready for her naps earlier and takes longer naps. On this day, she woke up from a long nap and was very cranky. She feel asleep on the couch and slept for another two hours, and she only feel asleep for the night one hour later than usual. Today she feel asleep in the car before lunch, had a great nap and is cranky right now. I think she should sleep good tonight.
 Maddie drew these Hello Kitties. She's good huh?
                                    I'm blue da ba dee da ba die.... Tara found a blue pen

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middledavis said...

Such great photos!! I'm going to borrow some for my blog.