Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Tara Dear!!

Can I just say that I love this girl!! and I can't believe she is two!!

Last night, Aaron and I blew up a kazillion ballons and shoved them all in her room! When she woke up she was just grinning from ear to ear. All morning she said, "mine balloons!!" She loved it!
 After breakfast, we just couldn't wait to bring down her gifts so we let her open them right away. We wanted her to get a chance to play with them on her birthday. We got her a Melissa and Doug shopping cart and she loves it!!  (remember how she has been praying for one since her shopping cart from Santa broke?) Well, she was one happy girl when she opened her new one and this one is definitely a little more durable. As soon as she opened it she pushed it to her room and put her baby in it then pushed it back out to the living room to open the rest of her gifts.
 Later, we meet up with some friends at the park and shared a few mini cupcakes. 
 I made her a crown she wore all day.
 Aaron bought a $100 dollar shopvac for $20. Its huge. 
It holds 12 gallons and I'm pretty sure Tara can fit in the tank. (I know, pretty random. Aaron called me while we were at the park and said I needed to go home and check out the shopvac on slick deals because it was going to be gone soon. I told him I wouldn't be home for at least an hour. He called me back a little later and said he just went ahead and bought it. We picked it up at Home Depot after Tara woke up from her nap! ha ha. Love that man)
 Tara picked out her outfit by the way!
 We did donuts and ice cream instead of cake. The girls are talking to grandma and papa on skype.
 I think the donut sprinkles were a hit!
Right after she was done she said, "A needa wet wipe!" She doesn't like messy hands.

So in honor of my baby girl turning two, here is my list of things about Tara at two:
1. She definitely has a few opinions about clothes such as...
2. she likes to pick out her own clothes and...
3. she likes to change those clothes at least three times a day.
4. She will not wear any kind of pants with any kind of structure (only stretch pants).
5. She must pick out her shoes; she loves flip-flops and crocs
6. She loves cardigans (thats my girl!)
7. She loves vests.
8. Her pajamas have to have a matching bottom. She does not like it when I mix them up.
9. She prefers her cupcake pajamas even if they are dirty
10. she prefers clothing with food or hearts on them.
11. She likes to wear underwear over her diaper.
12. She likes to be a nakey girl.
13. she likes her nails done.
14. steak, dried mangos, and pasta are her favorite foods
15. she likes to say "mine..." as in; "mine daddy", "mine baby", mine food"
16. She loves binky's. She finds toys and things to be her binky and walks around with them halfway in her mouth.
17. she is an excellent climber. She can climb on top of our fridge if she knows there is candy up there.
18. whenever she hears a fire siren she always thinks someone is hurt. She is always so concerned.
19. She likes to sleep with a toy or stuffed animal. Its not always the same one but she knows exactly which one she wants.
20. she strongly dislikes blankets
21. She likes us to make up songs for her. She tells us a subject and then we have to sing about it.
22. She loves Amelia Bedelia books
23. She likes to pretend to eat the food in books we read.
24. You only have to say a word once before she incorporates it into her vocabulary.
25. she only like tiny bits when eating. If a bite is too big, she spits it out and says, "too big, too big"

And she is pretty much amazing!! I know she will not likely remember this day but we are so grateful to have her in our little family! Love that girl!


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middledavis said...

I love Tara, too. I also love this post. The list is a that she will appreciate when she is older and can no longer remember when she was 2. Bless you, Jen, for keeping a record of Maddie's and Tara's childhood goings on.