Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Dailies and Halloween Shenanigan

This months highlights:
1. At Boulevard Buddies we meet the smurfs
(the girls didn't know who they were) and Tara skipped her nap so she was tired and tried laying on the floor multiple times while we were waiting in line.

 2. We had a skype birthday party for my mom. We made her cupcakes but since she was on skype we had to eat hers for her. It was yummy.

 3. Maddie turned into a zombie and Tara skipped another nap and fell asleep before dinner.
3. Tara was a bear for halloween.
 4. At the ward Halloween party the girls started their collection of candy, Aaron participated in a donut eating contest, (he was keyboard cat. click here if you don't know who that is.) and Tara danced the night away in the gym.

 5. More Halloween activities at Boulevard Mall including a magician.

 6. We carved pumpkins in the living room with the Mcphee's. Can you tell which one is Maddie's? Her's has eyelashes. Maddie and Tara carved the pumpkins they got from Becker Farm.

7. We went trick or treating at two different malls. We had to pay for the one at Walden and it was super lame. We pretty much paid two dollars to recieve advertisements and enter contests for spam. We wont be going to Walden next year. I only included this picture because it shows the back of Maddie's costume. She is a peacock princess. We also went to Boulevard and it was much better. In fact, I think we got more candy there then all other trick-or-treating efforts combined. We didn't take any pictures at Boulevard.

8. This week at Maddie's school was spirit week. The day they celebrated Halloween, they were supposed to wear pajamas and bring their costumes later for a Halloween parade. The kids loved the parade! Tara even got to walk in it. p.s. I love Gage in their class picture; he is spiderman.

 9. Halloween Par-tay!
 10. and finally we did some good old fashion trick-or-treating. This was the first year we did this.

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