Thursday, November 22, 2012

Yummy in my Tummy

Yeah, thats right! I made that apple pie (holla). We'll actually we made it as a family. I'm still proud though. This year we joined the Mcphee's for Thanksgiving. I loved it. Liz taught me so much about cooking and we had a blast hanging out at their house all day preparing the food. It actually felt like we were grown ups having our own Thanksgiving. Though I'm not sure I could do this again with out Liz. We had cornish game hen instead of turkey. I printed a million pictures for the girls to color and Liz's table looked gorgeous. 

I'm hungry again just looking at this.


middledavis said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving. I love the beautiful apple pie you guys made! The table was beautiful.

middledavis said...

So many wonderful activities!