Thursday, November 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Maddie

This year, Maddie's birthday was on a Thursday so she had school. She woke up to massive amounts of balloons in her room. We brought some donuts to school to celebrate. After school we stopped by our favorite fancy mexican restaurant called Siete Once for some slurpee action. She requested "pizza that you buy" for her birthday dinner. Easy enough. 

We had her birthday party on Saturday. This year we wanted to keep things small and simple so we had her pick five friends (since that is her age). We invited them over without their parents. The theme was donuts and hot cocoa. The kids ate and play with marshmallows.  The cake was a giant angel food cake donut (Thanks Chanda!) I think everyone had fun.

Tara sure loves babies. I'll post Maddie's birthday interview later. Just trying to catch up right now.

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