Sunday, December 30, 2012

December Dailies

1. I thought Tara was washing her hands. I was wrong. She was washing her hair in the sink.

 2. Santa read books to Tara (and thirty other kids) at Boulevard Buddies. He also gave her candy. Should I be worried that my daughters have no problems taking candy from a stranger and sitting on a strange mans lap?

 3. Maddie loves sparkly nails. She got a sparkly nail kit at her birthday party. I know you can't see the sparkles very well. If only I took a picture of the floor, because thats where all the sparkles are.
 4. Why are bath time pictures so cute?
 5. Christmas just isn't the same without a little crafting.
 6. We brought the whole family back to the mall to see Santa.
 7.  Maddie and I decorated a gingerbread house. Tara and Aaron ate the candy.
8. Santa also made a home visit this year. Maddie is starting to ask questions like, "If santa visits our home again, will he be able to talk to Billy for us?" Yet, she didn't notice this Santa looks nothing like the one at the mall and kind of a lot like a friends dad.

 9. We took the girls around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. We let them share the old camera to take pictures. Now I have probably a hundred pictures of the back of our seats, feet, and thumbs. Occasionally  we got some blurry lights, but in the end we had two happy girls! They were so entertained and probably could have stayed out all night doing this.

10. Snow day!! Tara ate snow for the majority of the time we played outside. We also built a giant snowman that we somehow didn't get a picture of.

 11. We can't go outside without bringing some snow in. Might as well make it worth it, right?

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middledavis said...

I wish I had thought to put snow in the tub when the kids were little!