Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Christmas

 A few things I want to remember about these pictures:
1. Tara asked Santa for a mini Christmas tree and Maddie asked for a guitar.
2. After Tara opened that cell phone, she made about a hundred calls. She called grandmas and grandpas and cousins. She called Santa, to thank her for all her gifts... (she named them one by one)
3. Which reminds me, last year, we wrapped all the gifts on Christmas eve and so when the girls woke up the tree went from no presents to all presents. This year, we wrapped them before Christmas eve and  the girls were not as impressed when they came down the stairs. Maybe they thought all the gifts were from Santa last year? I think its safe to say they still pretty much loved every minute of it.
4. No picture, but Tara also got a baby doll. Tara named her Christmas baby. Maybe she thinks Christmas baby is real because she has to have her at all times.

We had a great Christmas. I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family and love these people like Crazy! HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS!

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middledavis said...

Thanks to you and Aaron for giving Maddie and Tara such wonderful traditions and memories. What a great Christmas!