Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Dailies

 1. Maddie meets the one-legged monster.

2. On pinterest, I found a recipe for ice cream made out of snow. I thought it sounded delicious and fun. Maddie is smiling but this was seriously gross. Pinterest fail for sure! Wont make this again!

 3. A little Valentines decor. I know I took a few more pictures of Valentine's day but I can't seem to find them. To count down, we made valentines everyday until the 14th. We sent them out to friends and family. The girls have a little mailbox and each day I filled it with stickers or notions they could use to make a valentine. Maddie loved this. When she came home from school everyday, she rushed to the mailbox to see what as inside. We went to a valentines party and she snatched up some leftover craft items; she was so excited to fill the mailbox herself. Love my crafty girls.
( I found some more pictures)
3.1 Maddie made her own banner. She did this all by herself. The only thing I did was teach her how to use the hole punch and hang it up.
 3.2 Valentines gifts! some socks and lip gloss. This is Valentines day morning. I braided a heart in Maddie's hair for school and we made some fun Valentines for her class. They are filled with M&M's.

 4. Maddie used to come home from school starving. I'd look in her lunch box and all the food was still there. So one day, I told Maddie if she started eating her lunch at school, she could pick what we eat for dinner. She went a whole week eating everything I put in her lunch and so she got to pick our dinner. We are having macaroni and cheese, cantaloupe and Crackling Oat Bran.
5. I bathe them!
 7. On Maddie's 100th day of school they were asked to glue 100 things to a shirt. Maddie wanted to glue diamonds to her shirt. We compromised with gems. These are pretty much diamonds to her anyway.
 8. We've done this a twice now. I use painters tape to make a web in the door and we throw things at it. Fun times. Pinterest success!

9. Crafts with the babysitting swap kids.
 10. How long will the girls enjoy helping out? I don't know but love it right now. Aaron took Maddie to the store to buy a sled and he also came back with this cute, kid size snow shovel. Guess who's tired of shoveling the driveway?
 11.  At least we have some snow for sledding! Maddie went up and down that hill like a boss. She didn't even need a sled to go. Tara liked it too but I think she liked the hot chocolate Rick brought a little more!

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Catherine Holloway said...

Miss your cute family!! The girls are growing up so much!