Friday, March 29, 2013

March Dailies

 1. We had a few nice days but we are now experiencing Buffalo's second winter. Tara is all ready with Daddy's coat.

 2. We always go to Home Depot the first saturday of the month for the kids building workshops. Today, they made race cars. The guys at HD made this track for the kids to race their cars on. I wanted one... so guess what we spent all Saturday making. I might be a tad impulsive.
 3. Tara got a tattoo from HD. She is pretty independent. She didn't even ask us to help, she just did it herself. She is very proud.

 4. I found Tara writing on her leg with a pen. I told her to clean it off and she went and got an eraser.

 5. We went to Boulevard Buddies Easter event.
 6. A future dentist maybe?
 7. We got a visit from Freckles, our tricky leprechaun. He put our shoes in the freezer and left his foot prints all over it.

 8. Maddie's concert. I love that she gets experience with a range of instruments at such a young age.
 9. Maddie's class field trip to the Aquarium.

10. Bubble wrap hop scotch. Maddie cleverly named this activity "pop scotch."
11. We spent the morning making cardboard houses.

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Whitney said...

Your such a cute mom! I need little girls, so I can have an outlet for my crafting tendencies! I didn't know that there is an aquarium in Buffalo!