Friday, March 29, 2013

Tara turns 3!!

 Happy Birthday Tare-bear! The girls kind of expect a crown on their birthdays so this year I made a really fancy one that I can change out the number so I don't have to make two every year. Tara wore it most of the day. I love going out in public with the crown because people stop to wish her a happy birthday where ever we go.
She woke up to millions of balloons... okay maybe only 50.
 She chose pancakes for breakfast. After dropping Daddy off at school we stuffed some eggs with stickers and headed off to an easter egg hunt for playgroup.

 After the easter egg hunt we got our craft on.

 Then we went to Wkids. This is the babysitting place at our grocery store. We've taken Maddie here a few times but you have to be at least three to go, so Tara has been wanting to go for a while now. For weeks, I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday and all she said she wanted to do was go to Wkids. She told me she didn't want a party she just wanted to go to Wkids. So, I wandered around the store by myself while these two played. I have a feeling grocery shopping will get a little easier now.
Then we went home and took a nap. After nap, we went out to eat. Ice cream came with her meal. Tara told me her favorite part of the day was eating ice cream. p.s. check out those seriously awesome straws.

 Maddie made Tara this sweet card.
 After dinner we went home, and skyped the grandparents. We sang and opened presents.
I forgot to do her birthday interview. We will have to do that tomorrow. Love this girl so much and here is a list of phrases she loves to say...

1. I thought you were a giant
2. googley (google) knows everything
3. you ca-piesd me (surprised me)
4. huh.
5. I'm so funny
6. I never ever cry cus I'm so brave

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