Monday, January 21, 2008

just fluffy

I ran into my economics teacher the other day (that would be pretty embarrassing if I really ran into him). I took his class in the summer. He remembered me. He was excited to see me and told me I looked great. He asked me if I had been working out because he said I look like I lost 20 pounds. I said, " Well, I had a baby." I guess he didn't know I was pregnant. That was kind of an awkward moment, probably more awkward for him but I sure thought it was funny.

Which reminds me of another funny mom story... back when we were visiting Aaron's family, I stopped by the mall without Aaron. I didn't have a stroller so I was carrying Maddie in the carseat. After I made a purchase, I was tired from hauling Maddie around in the carseat so, I stood near the register to rest. Another lady at the register asked me, "how old is your little sister?" The question confused me because I don't have a little sister... but then I realised she was talking about Maddie. I thought I looked a little older now that I am a mom but I guess not. I'll just have to bring Aaron with me so I look like I am married.


Brielle & Jeffrey Kennington said...

hehe those are too funny. At least you are easy going and didn't get offended.

middledavis said...

I had to smile at your stories, Jen. I love your blog.

Brenda Sheffield said...

I was so excited to find your blog, I didn't know you even had one :) Thanks for showing pics of maddie, she is so cute