Thursday, January 24, 2008


I didn't know that someone with no teeth could have such a great smile.
But that isn't my news. We moved! and just for future reference: it is not a good idea to move in the middle of the semester after just having a baby. We probably will try to avoid that if we can, but we made it through and we are doing great. Now Maddie has her own room big enough for a crib. yeah. A crib your going to sleep in, right Maddie? I'll get some pictures up as soon as we get settled.


Emily said...

Hey Jen, I tagged you on my site :) BTW, I can't believe how big Maddy is getting already! I think her hair is growing too!

Suzy said...

Oops! I just sent a birth announcement to your old adress i think! I should have checked this sooner. The new tenants are probably holding it for ransom. Let me know if you need help planning a stealth operation to get it back.