Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sad Day!

Aaron promised my bishop that he would take me to a restaurant in Michigan called La Shish, but we just heard the sad news that it has closed.

Reason? something about terrorism... I wont go into that. But since Aaron promised my bishop he said he will take me to Hungry Howies instead.
He said the only difference is that Hungry Howies has flavored crust on their pizza and La Shish doesn't have pizza. I'm excited!


Emily said...

Are you guys in Michigan??

middledavis said...

Jen, you crack me up. I love your commentary.

Michelle said...

I know all about that - he laundered over $6 million in tax money to the middle east to support the Hizballah. But that's ok, because several years previously to all of that, one of his chefs started his own restaurant called La Marsa (in Farmington Hills) and it is even better than La Shish. And they are not connected with any of that other stuff. So if you want to go there, I can give you directions. :)