Friday, June 04, 2010

Witch adventures

Sharks come to our house pretty regularly, according to Maddie. While my parents were here, a spider was always coming... and now, we have been getting visits from a witch ( I don't know what she thinks a witch is or where she heard this word; neither Aaron nor I have used this word with her).

Here are some things Maddie and the witch have been up to:

Maddie and the witch have been going to school. She fills her easter bucket with parts of toys and puts on daddy's shoes and she even sometimes heads out the door. Usually she heads out the door when I'm nursing and I have to stop and run after her looking like a mad women.

Yesterday, while Aaron was at an FA 100 event, Maddie and I were eating dinner when the witch came. This was the conversation:

Maddie: no like this.
Me: huh? what did you say?
Maddie: No, I not talking you.. du witch
Me: Oh, the witch is here?
Maddie: Yup, witch eat my sanitch (sandwich)
Me: oh, maybe she needs her own
Maddie: No, I share da her...she my friend.
( Maddie proceeds to show the witch how to eat the jelly first with her fingers)
.... a few minutes later Maddie looks at me and says..
Maddie: Witch eat my hand...
Me: Did you tell her you didn't like that?
Maddie (turning to emptiness across the table): I don't like that please stop, eat food not mah hand.
....a few minutes later...
Not eat mah daddy, play with daddy

I also caught Maddie teaching the witch to pray. Her lesson sounded like this:
Maddie: No, bow yo head.. and do this ( maddie folds her arms and then decides to show the witch how to clasp her hands instead) say Fader in Heaven...thanks for da day.. thanks for people... thanks for daddy and da witch. The end
Me: Maddie, I think you forgot to end your prayer, what do you do when your all done?
Maddie: this ( she signs all done)

Funny girl... I love having conversations with Maddie.. and yes, when Aaron is gone, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the kind of gourmet meals we have for din


Emily said...

That's so cute. I love the way little kids talk.

Brook and Kyle said...

I think Zoie introduced her to the witch!

middledavis said...

Such a funny girl...I also love hearing kids' interesting conversations. I love the part about her teaching her imaginary friend to pray.