Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Dailies

 1. Maddie fell asleep with a hat on.
 2. Playgroup birthday party for Tara, Lexi, Tyson and Kinsley.
 3. Dress I made for another party.
 4. Babysitting swap dressup
 5. Tara in my boots with makeup.
 6. Tara's kissy face.
 7. Breakfast.

 8. Earth day fair craft.


Whitney said...

Fun pictures! I hope you guys are having just as good of a May as April. I miss you guys!

middledavis said...

I love the dress, Jen! Very cute!
It goes without saying I love the pictures of the girls, too. And all their little friends. My favorite picture, though, is the one of Maddie sleeping in the hat. A close second is the one of Tara in your boots.