Friday, May 31, 2013

May Dailies

1. Maddie got glasses! She loves them. Tara asks me everyday when will she get glasses. Since Aaron and I are both near-sided it is very likely she will be getting her own pair soon. Isn't Maddie so stinkin cute in hers? I think so.

 2. Tara fell asleep while Daddy was reading to her. I love it when she does this.

 3. Aaron had a birthday and I made a cake. I'm kind of a bad wife and was only really planning to make him a special drink from a youtube channel he likes to watch. Luckily, Maddie was here to save the day. The morning of Aaron's birthday Maddie was pretty disappointed to see we had no decorations. So she made this banner and Maddie and I hung up some streamers while Aaron was out with Tara. Maddie also said we needed to have a cake and I'm glad she did because I actually enjoyed baking it.

 We made a list of things we love about Daddy. Can you tell who came up with what?

 Here's a close up of the banner. When Maddie realized she wrote the B upside down I asked her if she wanted to redo it. She said to me, "I kind of like it like that." Love that.
 3. More legos! They love them and I love that they love them. Maddie made a treasure box to store her lego treasures.
4. Maddie got an Outstanding Student Award.

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middledavis said...

Hooray for the pictures of Maddie in her glasses! When my computer gets fixed, I'm going to get some of those.
And Tara! Goodness how she has grown!! I love reading about your beautiful family and all the fun things you do. Sure love you guys!