Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Dailies

1. This random Saturday we went to one of our favorite parks to hang out and there were dogs everywhere. It was some kind of adopt a dog convention. I'm pretty sure this is what Tara imagines the happiest place on earth to be like. She loves dogs. 
2. Going on walks and collecting treasures. I'm sure our neighbors love the fact that the girls pick up every pinecone, flower or leaf that is on the sidewalk.
 Maddie is showing me the tiniest flower. We planted some flowers in the back yard so the girls wouldn't be tempted to pick our neighbors flowers but for some reason picking our own flowers isn't as excited. Maddie would rather let them grow.
 3. Helicopters are awesome.
 4. Korean night! and I'm Korean enough to get an invite! woot woot.

5. Maddie's last day of school. Her awesome teachers Mrs. Martzoff and Mrs. Benzinger!
 and her best friend David.
 Maddie told me she has a crush on David and Tara told me she has a crush on Bjorn, who is David's brother. He is 15.
 6. YOLO! You Obviously Love Oreos. I'm pretty sure I'm using that right. No better way to kick off the summer than Oreo ice cream sandwiches.

7. Since we are good friends with Maddie's dentist, Aaron got to do a little work on Maddie.
 8. We made a summer bucket list. That's Maddie with her neon socks cutting out that awesome picture of spiderman she drew.
... and this is what Maddie put on her bucket list:
 9. Did you know Toys R Us gives out free legos? Seriously, why have we not been doing this. We built lego police cars and got to keep them. They do this once a month! We also played around the store and the girls ooggled the cars, bikes, strollers and shopping carts. Anything with wheels really,
 10. The girls love playdates. Maddie is playing with Mia, Miron and Sonya.
 and another playdate with some school friends, Josh, David, Charley and Logan. David is moving soon and we are going to miss him.

 11. We also said goodbye to the Gardners this month. Sad day! Sending off the lanterns were cool. Sending of the Gardners, not so much. Miss them already.

 Goodbye Tyson, Lexi, Kenzie, Nat and Thayne.
12. Tara decided to put on some makeup. I'd like to say I wasn't there but I was, laughing. I know, I'm a good mom. Maddie was pretty scared.

 13. I have a feeling summer will be filled with a lot of bubbles.

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middledavis said...

Yep. Leaves and helicopters. The best!
And all the other pictures were wonderful, too! Thanks for posting these fun, fun pictures, Jen!