Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Independence Day

Maddie knows fourth of July means crafts. She already had some opinions about the crafts this year. She picked out this flag shirt that I think turned out pretty good. We didn't end up using those little stars though because they weren't sticking very well.  
 Fourth of July means painted toenails. I've actually never done this with the girls but when I was a girl, I remember a fourth of July celebration with my sister and someone did my toenails fancy and I loved it. I think I did okay considering I'm not much of a nail painter.

 Fourth of July means parades. Parades means candy thrown in the street... and we all know we need more candy because our candy bowl is still full of Valentiene's Day candy and Halloween candy.

 Fourth of July means Presidents. We have a Fourth of July music cd with a song called George Washington was a very good man. I had no idea he was such a tan man, though.

 Fourth of July means fruit pizzas and BBQ's. Yummo.

 Fourth of July means fireworks. Maddie said to me, "Mom, can we go somewhere to see the fireworks instead of just listening to them like we did last year?" What? Maddie remembers how lame we were last year? Turns out we can go just down the street for a pretty much perfect firework show.

and most importantly fourth of July means the birth of this great country, a country that was founded on the principle that all men are created equal, that the right to live, be free and seek happiness are God given rights. I truly am proud to be an American and so grateful for those who fought for us to have these rights.


middledavis said...

I LOVE that you "do holidays" so well. The girls will always remember these fun times, I'm sure.

Whitney said...

Looks like a fun fourth of July. I hope you guys are doing well. miss your cute family.