Wednesday, July 31, 2013

july dailies

 1. The girls love getting these interactive letters from Grandma and Grandpa. What a great idea Frances!
 2. Aaron is watching a movie with the girls. I love how Tara is holding Aaron's hand and her pony tail. She finds great comfort from a ponytail. I always know when she is tired because she will grab for her ponytail, even if she doesn't have one.
 3. This summer we decided to sign the girls up for a few classes since we aren't traveling anywhere. Here they are in swim class.

 4. Also, this summer, we wrote in summer journals. Not everyday but I think the girls enjoyed it. Maddie read us a book then we each wrote a sentence about the book and drew a picture. Maddie had to sound out one word in her sentence and Tara wrote her name.
 5. We love green smoothies. In fact, if I make a meal the girls don't particularly like, I just make a green smoothie too and then I know they get some nutrients.
 awesome mustache Tara!
 6. Lots of cuddling. Tara loves cuddling, even with Maddie.
 7. Aaron took his second year boards. He spent a lot of time studying for that. We made him encouraging signs for when he got back. When he drove up the driveway we put up our signs in the window. We are so proud of him!
 8. We took a trip to the Japanese gardens.

9. The girls loved star gazing on the trampoline. We brought out tons of blankets and pillows and we stayed up late looking at all the stars (and running around the trampoline). 
 10. I got some Montessori lessons out. Here is penny polishing.
 11. Maddie is holding Aaron's foot. Who does this remind you of?
 12. Maddie and Tara's tumbling class.

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middledavis said...

Jen, THANKS for posting pictures of the girls enjoying the interactive letters!! That made my day!
I really loved the beautiful smiles on the girls' faces at the pool. Evidently that's something they really love doing.
Aaaaannnd...Green smoothies are also a favorite of mine!
Congrats to Aaron on getting that 2nd year boards test behind him. Whew!
The pics of the Japanese garden were GORgeous. I want to go there!!
I love looking at the stars, too, and I wish I could watch them from your trampoline at night with the girls. We would have so much fun.
Tumbling looks like fun, too. Glad the girls have the chance to attend the class.
Thanks so much, Jen for such fun posts. I thoroughly enjoyed them. (Penny polishing mad me wish I was in class again. Just a teeny bit.)