Monday, September 02, 2013

August Dailies

 In August we....
 1. Went to the Eternal Flame. The kids loved it. I'm sure the hike is pretty short without kids.
 The path way goes through water but we brought our puddle boots for that.
There were a few big dogs around. Tara acted as if she was scared around them. However, I asked her what her favorite part of the hike was and she said the dogs. You can see the eternal flame in the background. It was pretty awesome.
 2. We stopped by the beach on the way home but there was a no swim notice so we just hunted for shells...

 ... and ran down this giant sand hill.
 3.  We made necklaces.
 4. and made granola bars. They didn't turn out but we will try a new recipe.
 5. We watched the kids in our babysitting group.

 6. We made banana bread.
 7. Maddie drew this awesome picture of a bird. On the computer is her inspiration.
 8. I went to a girls night and I came home to go to bed but apparently my spot was already taken.
 9. Aaron and I went on a date on Canal side.

 10. Aaron crafted with Maddie. Tara and I were napping and this is what I woke up to. I thought I was dreaming but turns out he was actually crafting with Maddie. He later had a crafting session with Tara. They love to craft with Daddy. I craft with them all the time and Aaron crafts with them once and all of a sudden he's the favorite! What a good dad!
 11. We had to take Maddie and Tara to Canal side on a family date because we loved it so much.
 Here they are playing in the giant sand box.
 12. We went to Kids fest at the Art Festival. Maddie's school volunteers a booth there. Each booth had projects for the kids that involved recycling. Here they are making tops. The Montessori school sponsors this booth. The kids decorated the top, drilled a hole in it, cut a stick with a saw and hammered the stick into the top. It was pretty awesome. Aaron and I made one too.

 Another booth made these glasses.
 They also had face painting.

 13. We went to Olcott Beach.
 They have six rides there, all 25 cents a ride. We went on all of them twice! We will defintely go back!

 14. The girls made a mud pit in the back yard. I think they made out pretty clean.
 15. Did you know we started a daycare here? All the dolls sleep the whole time. Sometimes they eat. I feel bad for voodoo Asian baby on the stool.
Happy August!!

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middledavis said...

I think Maddie is such a good artist. The picture of the bird was very impressive.
One of our favorite pictures is the one of Aaron and the girls asleep in the bed. So cute.
The canal date looked fun.
And, I had to smile at the little Asian baby on the stool, too.