Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Campers

1. Be prepared for a billionty pictures
2. The girls threw more rocks in the river, than pictures in this post. I think they could throw rocks in water forever.
3. Maddie finally got her fishing experience (she's been asking to go fishing for a while). Here she is checking out the bait.

4. Logan is the best! Grateful to have some friends who know more about fishing than we do.

5. Maddie did get a bite but Logan was somewhere else and Aaron didn't quite know what to do so the fish got away.
If Aaron opened his mouth he could just pop Taylor in his mouth

6. Nature is the best toy ever!

 7. Tara loved her own little lantern. She carried it around all night and even a little in the day time too.
 8. Maddie had her first taste of smores. She called them marshmallow sandwich. Tara fell asleep so she'll have to have her first taste of smores another time.
9. Allegheny is beautiful! We camped at a camp site called Dew Drop. All around our site were hikes and trails and little spots along the way to stop and look around.

10. We stopped at this little lookout to throw some rocks, look around and climb. I will tell you how beautiful it was; I wont tell you how I locked the keys in the car and how we had to flag down some stranger (no cell service) to help us break into our car.
11. Maddie said she is making soup. That's a lot of soup.
12. Maddie found a very useful walking stick.
11. Aaron and Maddie are looking down at a million fish fighting over some bread we threw down at them. Also above us were seagulls circling around. Aaron threw some bread in the air and the seagulls swooped down to eat that too.

12. A family selfie. maybe a famie?
13. Water fall hiking (Mom, this is the part you probably wont like). You know how there is a nice easy to follow path that meanders along the side of the water fall? Who needs an easy path when you can climb the rocks and hike right through the waterfall. Yeah, thats what we did. I could actually hear my mom disagreeing with me as I hoisted Maddie up unto a rock above my head. But guess who is the adult now? I didn't say mature adult but we made it out of there alive without injury so no harm done.
14. We had so much fun! Special thanks to Lindsay & Logan and Krista & Taylor and Combie who invited us and some awesome friends (not pictured) who let us borrow all their camping gear!

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Natalie said...

Love that you updated the blog! Logan and Lindsey are sooo fun! We loved hanging out with them. Miss you guys soooooo much!